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Property Details


Step-1: Select the Society from society list and right click on it. Select Add Property option. Property form will appear.

Step-2: Fill the Details.

Step-3: To add Occupant for property , click on Add Persons Button.Select Person form will appear. Select the person then click on Save button.

Step-4: Click on Save button.


1.Occupant number should be same for one family/group.

2.Only those persons are showing which is resident in Select Persons form.


Step-1: Click on Admin->Property Details.Property** List will appear


You can edit the Property by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the society name that you want to edit from property list.

STEP-2: Right click on it and select Edit Property option.

STEP-3: Edit the details.

STEP-4: Click on Save button.